You will find our most popular products on this page. There is a wide selection to browse, with options to suit a wide variety of needs. It’s important to point out, however, that the list of industrial minerals products on this page is not exhaustive. This is because we have the capability to source products outside of our current portfolio more specific to your end needs. We can do this because of our contacts and relationships within the industry and our extensive experience of raw material supply chains.


Industrial Mineral


  • Magnesium Oxide for animal health
  • Industrial Minerals for surface coatings, plastics, rubber, building and construction etc.
  • Trace elements for soil fertility, healthy soils, horticulture, cropping and agriculture.
  • And more


Reasons to work with MG Minerals


  • Personalised one-on-one service
  • We build a business around open and honest transparent relationships
  • Entrepreneurial approach where problem-solving is a key capability
  • Extensive experience in the supply of industrial minerals from mine to market
  • Competitive pricing
  • A New Zealand company working with New Zealanders


This includes:


  • International shipping logistics experience
  • Experience of sourcing and supplying industrial minerals and raw materials that meet your specific needs
  • Knowledge of the best methods to transport and supply your industrial mineral needs
  • FCL (Full Container Loads) LCL
  • And more

Whatever industry you’re in, please contact us today to discuss your industrial mineral needs