Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium Oxide Typical 92% through to 85% MgO on a loss free basis

  • 200# & 325# plus other sizes


  • Also known as: Magnesium Oxide, Calcined Magnesium, Calmag, Causmag, Mag oxide



  • 200# OR 75 Micron Typical particle size
  • 325# OR 45 Micron Typical particle size
  • Products range between 92% through to 85% MgO Typical, on a loss free basis
  • Also other grades available




  • Store in a dry place. Sheltered from sunlight and humidity


Pack Size


  • 25kg bags palletized and shrink-wrapped
  • Bulk Bags 1000kg – 1200kg




  • High Quality Magnesium Oxide 92% MgO dusting grade Magnesium Oxide, drenching, as well as supplementary feed and stock feed applications.
  • Fine material ideal for coating of Fertiliser products due to the nature of the particle size distribution
  • Building and construction


See Reference: Dairy NZ Farmfact 3-1



  • Application rates as per Dairy NZ Farmfact 3-1
    25-40g per cow per day OR Dusting 50-70g per cow per day
    NB: Please reapply if reasonable rainfall has occurred after
    dusting and prior to grazing.




  • It is recommended that you seek Veterinarian advice and
    support to ascertain the correct use and application for your
    Magnesium products.
  • Due to ACVM recommendations we currently do not stock
    granular or chip material to avoid and reduce the potential
    of Salmonellas.

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